Evernight by Candace Knoebel Cover Reveal

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The stunning sequel to the thrilling paranormal romance novel Everlasting!

One lie will change everything.

Faye Middleton has secured the Dagger of Retribution for the High Priesthood, but in doing so, she’s opened the door to more demands set by them. She now has to break the Holy Seal, and soon. Trapped in the alluring Ethryeal City, Faye is pushed to the breaking point trying to discover just what she is truly capable of, even if it means destroying herself in the process.

With the clock ticking down to the war between both Covens, and the truth about her parent’s mysterious disappearance within her reach, Faye is faced with tough choices that will forever change her. Will Faye be able to handle the demands from the Priesthood, and still be able to continue her search for her parents?

But more importantly, can she survive the truth she finds?


About the AuthorCandace

Candace Knoebel is the award-winning author of Born in Flames-book one in a young adult fantasy trilogy. She discovered in 2009 through lunch breaks and late nights after putting her kids to bed, a world where she could escape the ever-pressing days of an eight to five Purgatory. And an outlet for all the voices residing in her head.

Published by 48fourteen in 2012, Born in Flames went on to win Turning the Pages Book of the Year award in February of 2013. In January of 2014, the last book in the trilogy, From the Embers, was released, thusly completing the trilogy. She now works on the Night Watchmen Series, while guzzling Red Bulls and pretending to be a ninja on Heelys.

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Fated Anthology Cover Reveal

Sometimes love has other plans.

The Fated
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fantasies about sacrifice, second chances, destiny and love against all odds.

August 21st, for a limited time, paranormal fans can purchase five
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Sky: Vampire Hunter
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- Darkness
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- Flight
by Alyssa Rose Ivy
- Whisper
by Heather Hildenbrand
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Fake It by Jennifer Chance Blog Tour


Jennifer Chance is back with another novel that’ll keep you hooked.

Anna Richardson meets the baddest (and sexiest) of bad boys in FAKE IT, the second novel in Jennifer Chance’s sizzling Rule Breakers series, out on July 1, 2014 from Random House. This one is not to be missed, especially if you’re looking for a bad boy fix!

Want to get to know Jennifer better? Check out this exclusive interview!

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About FAKE IT:

As her sizzling new series continues, Jennifer Chance sparks some serious combustion between a sexy biker and a corporate go-getter who’s ready to let her hair down.

New grad Anna Richardson works hard—so hard that she’s given up having a romantic life. Anna has even convinced her friends that she’s dating an amazing guy—who they’ve simply never met. But now Anna has a wedding to attend and needs to produce the hottie she’s been lying about for the past six months. Enter Jake Flynn, her infuriating, motorcycle-riding, jaw-droppingly gorgeous neighbor, who’s more than willing to fake it for a weekend. In fact, Jake won’t be satisfied until things get real.

Though Jake is only playing the role of adoring boyfriend, he’s starting to feel the heat, and judging by Anna’s sweet blush, so is she. Letting chemistry this intense go to waste would be a real shame. Soon, though, the thin line between fantasy and reality fades. Jake may not be what every buttoned-up fast-tracker wants, but he’s sure as hell what Anna needs. And if she takes a ride with him, their adventure never has to end.

Goodreads | Amazon | Barnes and Noble

Here’s an awesome excerpt:

Fake It by Jennifer Chance
Jake’s POV- Here we go.
“Where do I put my feet?” she asked.
He glanced down. “Drop your toes about two inches—there,” he said, as the edge of her sandal found the peg. “I’m not a huge fan of riders on these bikes. The weight’s effed up for a passenger to really get comfortable, but we’re not going far, and I’m going to go slow. Still, there’s a jerk of the machine when we start, so you need to be ready for that, okay?”
“Okay,” Anna said, her voice muffled. Her face was pressed against his shoulder, her breasts flattened against his back. He would not think about what that was doing to his dick or he’d never get out of here.
“Okay,” he said, breathing out. “Here we go.” He brought the machine to life then eased out the clutch, grinning as Anna gasped, half in fear, half in excitement. He could absolutely get used to hearing that sound, too. He turned out of the space and rolled onto the street, careful to keep the bike at a low speed. He could feel her relax into the movement as she turned her head to peer around. Still, she never released her death grip on his waist, her fingers digging into his abs hard enough to bruise him. He didn’t mind that a bit, actually. In fact, it was all he could do not to imagine her fingers dipping lower and lower, to slide under his jeans and wrap around his—
“Jesus, focus,” he muttered. He was going to be crippled before they even got home.
“Did you say something?” Anna shouted over his shoulder, loosening her grip just a little as she lifted her head again. She was already becoming a little bolder, and he grinned, knowing he shouldn’t do what he was about to do. Then again, he never had been a very good guy.
“Just telling you to hold on, sweetheart,” he called back, goosing the accelerator just enough to kick the bike to a higher speed, and relishing Anna’s reaction as she squealed and clamped onto him tightly again. He leaned forward and felt her stretch too, and the roar in his blood matched the purr of the bike as they rolled through the city, heading for home. He was not going to have sex with Anna Richardson tonight, even if it killed him.
But that didn’t mean he wasn’t going to have a little fun.

Also in the Rule Breakers series: ROCK IT by Jennifer Chance!


About Jennifer Chance:

Jennifer Chance is the award-winning author of the new adult Rule Breakers series. A lover of books, romance, and happily-ever-afters, she lives and writes in Ohio.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

Opposing Sides by CM Doporto Blog Tour

BOOK 1 from
The University Park Series
By CM Doporto


Genre: New Adult Romance 18+ for adult situations and language
Page numbers: 157 pages
Word Count: 53,500

College senior, Lexi Thompson, finds herself in a relationship to be wed to the university’s star baseball pitcher, Collin Norris. Collin’s damn hot, but his lack of spark has Lexi thinking twice before she says ‘I Do’. When she’s forced to tutor bad boy football quarterback, Raven Davenport, she soon discovers all the things she’s missing in her relationship with Collin. Will she succumb to the temptations enticing her, or will Collin be able to convince his sweet, innocent fiancée that his love for her is genuine despite his lack of affection?
Purchase Links:
Tags/Tweets: #NewAdult #Romance #College

I was falling, emotions first, in The Raven’s trap. And I didn’t try to stop myself.
Raven was undoing me piece by piece, knitting me tighter into his trap.
The Raven was shaping and fastening me into a hot mess. His hot mess.

My Review:
This was super cute.
I was wondering where it was going to go because most of the book she was trying to decide what to do, then I got to the end (which I was happy with), but I still really wanted more.
Good thing she’s working on the second one because it leaves you in suspense.

I stepped out of the director’s office and entered the main area. Standing in all his six foot two glory was the star quarterback of our universities’ football team. I had never seen him in person, and I felt like a midget looking up at him. Even though I didn’t know him personally, I’d heard and read enough about him to know he was a womanizer and had a drug problem.
Another reason why I shouldn’t help him.
“Hi, I’m Lexi Thompson and I’ve been asked to consult with you.” I made it clear that it wasn’t my choice to help him.
“Lexi. Hmm, I like that name.”
Uh, no you don’t.
His full lips spread, revealing the most charming smile, coupled with a deep dimple on the right. Now I knew why every girl fell for him. But I was smarter than that. “I’m Raven.” He stalled for a moment, his eyes giving me a thorough exam to the point that I bet he knew what color my panties were. “Raven Davenport.” He ran a hand over his short buzz cut, and he looked like the perfect model for an Abercrombie and Fitch ad. Minus his T-shirt.
He was toxic and smelled of sex and drugs. Well, not that I knew what all that smelled like, but his aura beamed bright red warning me to be careful.
“Are you ready to get started? Because we only have an hour.” I held out my hand, motioning to a small table in the corner.
“That’s plenty of time.” He raised his brows.
I rolled my eyes and walked to the table. Taking a seat, I took out the agreement that Dr. Philips prepared. I signed my name, and moved the papers in front of him. “Please sign this.”
Raven leaned over the table. “I was thinking you might want to do this somewhere private.” A seductive grin spread across his lips as he pressed his weight against it, as if testing the durability of the wood.
My jaw dropped. Was he serious? My fiancé didn’t even tease me that way. Although that would’ve been nice. Then again, we hadn’t even made out on a bed much less on a table. I had to restrain myself from slapping him.
“Excuse me, Mr. Davenport?”
He pulled out a chair and sat down. “You can call me Raven.” I guess by the tone in my voice he knew I meant business.
“Please read the agreement, and let me know if you have any questions. I indicated we would meet twice a week for an hour and more if a mutual agreement can be established.”
“Okay. Sounds fair. Do you have a pen?” He held out his hand. His long fingers curled up in a perfect cup. A hand that was made for a football and caressing various female parts.
Whoa! Where did that come from?
Extending my hand, I gave him my pen. He eased it from my fingertips in a gentle motion. “Thank you, Lexi.”
He signed the paper and handed it back to me.
“Aren’t you going to read it?”
Shaking his head, he said, “No, I trust you.”
“But you don’t even know me.”
“Not yet.” His green eyes sparkled. “But my gut tells me we’re going to get to know each other real well.”
It was obvious why Lisa didn’t want to work with him. I made a mental note to call her the second he left. I sucked in a quick breath and let it out to clear my head. “Whatever.” With haste I removed my Hodge’s Harbrace Handbook and another pen from my backpack. I opened the folder Dr. Philips gave me and took out his papers.
“I reviewed your file and—”
“You and everybody else.” His head lowered and his shoulders sunk.
I continued, unsure of how to handle the comment. “I have an idea of where you need the most help with your writing.”
His head popped up and a layer of relief removed the downward slope of his lips. “You do?”
“Yes. I think we should start with some grammar basics.” I opened the book to the first chapter and moved it between us. I placed one of his papers below the book, prepared to show him examples so he could relate easily to the concepts. “I’ll give you a quick and dirty overview of the parts of speech to start off.”
He moved his chair closer to me, and a fresh sent of juniper and bergamot swept over me. The guy smelled like a cologne insert from one of my magazines, and I tried hard not to breathe it in. But the more I tried not to, the more I loved the smell.
Darn, I wish Collin smelled that good.
He flashed me a grin. “I like it quick and dirty.”
I wanted to slap myself. Could I have used a poorer word choice? “I’m sure you do Raven. I mean, you’re a guy and a football player.”
“True,” a half smile formed, “but not every guy likes to do things quickly or get messy doing them.”
A rush of heat inundated me. I yanked a hair band off my wrist and pulled my hair up in a messy bun. I raised the sleeves on my shirt and braced myself.
I’ll be damned if I let this jerk get to me.
Ignoring his comment, I pressed forward with my instruction. Raven listened intently and nodded his head while asking related questions. When the guy wasn’t being a big flirt, he was actually pleasant to be around. I felt sorry for him because he had gone through school without learning grammar rules. Then again, most people never make it a point to learn them and base everything on how people talk. No wonder the guy couldn’t write a proper sentence. The weird thing was his verbal skills seemed fine, but his written skills, well, that was another story.
Helping him might not be so bad after all.
After forty minutes of reviewing grammar syntax, he began to lose interest. He shifted his weight and yawned a few times, stretching his arms that nearly wrapped around me. I scooted to the edge of my chair, praying he wouldn’t rest his elbow behind me. Before he lowered his arms, his phone buzzed. His eyes widened with delight as he looked at the screen.
“Excuse me, I need to take this call.”
“Um, no, you can’t.” I pointed to a sign on the wall. “Policy says—,”
“Hey baby, what’s up?” He answered the phone, ignoring me and the rule of no talking on the phone in the writing center.
He rambled about his schedule and practice for a minute or so before shifting gears. I contemplated if I should get up and tell Dr. Phillips. That would mean instant removal from the writing center and I wouldn’t have to help him. Then again it probably wouldn’t matter because the coach had called in a favor. I started to stand but stopped when the lure of his voice made it too hard to resist listening to his conversation. His smitten words rolled off his tongue and he sounded like Eros himself. Warmth rose from my belly, and I turned around to see who else was in the center. Luckily, Sara had already left and Kyler was talking to a student and not paying much attention.
Raven was having phone sex with the girl he was talking to!
Visuals flashed through my mind, and my face burned hearing the words he spoke. I covered my ears but it didn’t help. My heart raced, and my breath quickened. I shifted in my chair, crossing my legs tightly until my feet went numb.
“Yeah, baby, right there.” He winked at me.
I gasped. “I’ll be right back.” I rushed out of the room and headed straight for the bathroom.
Closing the door to the lounge located next to the stalls, I paced the small room as I fanned myself. Being a virgin, I had never come close to experiencing anything so dirty but sensual at the same time. And the worst part, it wasn’t even directed at me! The guy was blessed with sexual creativity. Why the heck didn’t he use some of that imagination and gear that toward his school work?
Sure, I had read those types of sex scenes in romance books, but it was entirely different hearing them firsthand. Well, second hand in this case. But nonetheless, I had just become hyper aware of tingles and sensations caused by an actual human being.
By a guy that was sitting next me.
And the saddest part, it wasn’t Collin.
I sighed as I collapsed onto the cushioned bench. The situation wasn’t good, and every warning light was flashing.
Reason number 3 — don’t lust over something that isn’t yours.

About the Author:


CM Doporto lives in the great state of Texas with her husband and son enjoying life with their extensive family along with their Chihuahua, Mexican Redhead Parrot and several fish. She writes Young Adult and New Adult stories about ordinary women who do extraordinary things, become a heroine, and find love along the way.

Web/blog: http://cmdoporto.com

Facebook: http://facebook.com/cmdoportowriter

Instagram: http://instagram.com/authorcmdoporto

Twitter: @cm_doporto

Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/cmdoporto

Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/cmdoporto

Fix You by Christine Bell Blog Tour


“Fresh, sexy, and addicting–you won’t want to put it down!”—New York Times Bestselling Author Jen McLaughlin

FIX YOU is part one in the new adult McDaniels Brothers serials from USA TODAY Bestselling Author, Christine Bell. Fans of Monica Murphy, Jen McLaughlin, and H.M. Ward will be seduced by Bash and Olivia’s story and will look forward to a new installment in this ongoing family saga every month!

Want to learn more about FIX YOU? Be sure to check out this exclusive interview with Christine Bell!

Follow the tour and win some awesome prizes!

A $50 e-giftcard to Amazon or Barnes & Noble (winner’s choice, open internationally) and an opportunity to have a character named after the winner in serial #3 of The McDaniels Brothers series!

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About FIX YOU, Bash and Olivia Book One (The McDaniels Brothers, #1)

Olivia Beckett’s once-charmed life is falling apart. Her family is about to lose everything, and she has almost no chance of continuing her college education. She can’t even seek solace from her high school sweetheart. He’s changed. She doesn’t recognize the boy she used to know— his violent behavior is escalating and it scares the hell out of her. Her whole world is crumbling, and she has no one to turn to……

Sebastian “Bash” McDaniels is an up and comer in the boxing world working nights at the local college bar until he can land the fight of his dreams that will get him the hell out of Boston and away from his family’s tragic past. He’s weeks from his goal when Olivia Beckett comes tumbling into his life in a flash of silky dark hair and haunted eyes. When he saves her from a potentially brutal beating, they begin to grow close, but Olivia’s ex isn’t ready to let her go so easily.

Bash can’t bring himself to walk away, but fixing Olivia just might leave him broken…
On Sale: March 31, 2014

My Review:
This book was fantastic and I loved every minute.
The characters really spoke to me and I loved reading their story.
Olivia is figuring out how to decrease her spending and Bash is just the guy to help her learn self defense.
Be aware that there is a cliffhanger, but I hope we don’t have to wait too long.

Add FIX YOU to your TBR pile on Goodreads!


About Christine Bell

Christine Bell is the USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romances, and one half of the happiest couple in the world. She doesn’t like clowns or bugs (except ladybugs, on account of their cute outfits), but loves movies, football, and playing Texas Hold ‘Em. Writing is her passion, but if she had to pick another occupation, she’d be a wizard. She loves writing fun, sexy romance and deep, emotional new adult novels, but also hopes to one day publish something her dad can read without wanting to dig his eyes out with rusty spoons.

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Website | Twitter | Goodreads | Facebook

Dwellers of Darkness Blog Tour

Title: Dwellers of Darkness
Author: Stacey Marie Brown
Genre: New Adult fantasy/paranormal romance
Series: Darkness #3
Publication: February 27th, 2014 by Twisted Fairy Publishing

Some days feel like years, but in Ember Brycin’s case just the opposite is true. She had only been in the Otherworld for a day or two when she returned back to the Earth’s realm. But it is three years later on Earth. Em is now 22. It would matter if she was human, but she’s not. She is a Dae, part Demon and part Fay, with a little Dark Dweller thrown in to make her even more of a freak.

Seeing Seattle rebuilt only confirms she has been gone three years. For her it was not long ago that the Seattle area was just rubble of concrete and death. All done by her hand.

One thing that hasn’t changed, though, is her undeniable connection to Eli Dragen, who is sexy, gorgeous, and even more volatile and frustrating. But her problems go way past him. The Seelie Queen of the Otherworld still holds Mark, Em’s father, and her friends, Ryan, and Josh as hostages. Em needs to rescue them without, once again, getting caught and being used as a pawn to help the Queen regain possession of Earth. At the same time Ember is in hot water with Lars, the Unseelie King, after breaking her contract with him.

As some secrets have come to light others seem to become even more enigmatic. The only truth Ember knows is,everyone is harboring secrets. As Eli’s past is revealed, Em understands more clearly why he acts the way he does and how much their lives are intertwined. But she also knows Eli is holding something back, something that could change their relationship forever.

Em herself continues to wrestle with her feelings toward Torin and her own secret she’s withholding from Kennedy. As the tension for war mounts between the Seelie and Unseelie (Light and Dark), the tension at the Dark Dweller’s compound mounts even more as they prepare to obtain the sword no matter what the price. But is Ember the answer to the location of the sword? Is she the one to fulfill the prophecy? As usual nothing is ever what it seems.

Other books in the Darkness series:
Both just 99¢

Darkness of Light (book #1)

Fire in the Darkness (book #2)
About Stacey

Stacey Marie Brown by day is an Interior/Set Designer, by night a writer of Paranormal Fantasy, Adventure, and Literary Fiction. She grew up in Northern California, where she ran around on her family’s farm, raising animals, riding horses, playing flashlight tag, and turning hay bales into cool forts. Even before she could write, she was creating stories and making up intricate fantasies. Writing came as easy as breathing. She later turned that passion into acting, living and traveling abroad, and designing. Though she had never stopped writing, moving back to San Francisco seemed to have brought it back to the forefront and this time it would not be ignored.
When she’s not writing she’s out hiking, spending time with friends, traveling, listening to music, or designing.

Website | Facebook Twitter | Darkness of Light on Facebook


Eli Dragen POV Scene
Darkness of Light Chapter Five
Stacey Marie Brown

“Have a seat Mr. Dragen.” The officer motioned to the chair. There was a slight irritation to his tone. Officer Paul had dealt with me on numerous occasions.
With a resigned sigh I plopped down. Paul whipped out the handcuffs and locked my wrist to the chair, which only made me smirk, amused at the flimsy piece of metal they thought could hold me down.
“I will be back.” He tugged on the metal making sure it was secure.
“Yeah. I think I know the dance by now.”
Officer Paul gave me a bemused huff and turned, leaving me in the small confines of the waiting room. It reeked of human smells, bad coffee, and the hint of cleaning products. The scent of the police station was something I was used to. I should be. I had already been here twice this week. For the month, I was hitting about eight visits, so far. Sadly that was not a record for me.
It was frustrating. I could easily out run the sheriff. Actually, I could out do him in anything, but Cole was adamant about us not using our abilities in public. Standing out or bringing any more attention to ourselves was something he embed daily into our brains. Except I was never one to listen.
I had difficulty with staying out of trouble. It was my entire personality to stir up people and trouble. Only Cooper was close to my number of arrests and that was because he was usually with me when I was causing a disturbance. West got in his far share, but that fucker had the knack to charm a nun out of her britches. His arrests ended with a slap on the wrist and a verbal warning most of the time. Lorcan was too sneaky to get caught. If I cared, I could have probably gotten away, too. I just didn’t. It was sick, but I kinda enjoyed pissing Sheriff Weiss off. Especially because he could never find anything to really hold me on. I wasn’t stupid.
Sliding down further to get comfortable, the hard plastic chair creaked as I shifted in my seat. These seats were too fucking tiny for me. I pulled a book out of my back pocket. The cops liked to leave me here to sit for a long time, and I had learned early on to bring something to read when I went out.
Most of my arrests were connected with Mike’s Bar and some asshole thinking he didn’t have to pay up what he lost a game of pool. My so-called age had some thinking they didn’t have to play by the rules with me. They didn’t like some “young punk kid” taking their money. All of us in my club appeared young to the human world. It hadn’t taken long for us to earn respect of most of the bike gangs around. But there was always one or two who thought he could take us. It never got old showing the pricks how wrong they were.
Tonight’s arrest was one of those times. The guy was in intensive care, and I was handcuffed to a chair in the police station. I already knew there would be no charges made against me. That was not how the biker world worked. Our common enemy was the cops. We dealt with each other on our terms.
In less than an hour I would be let go. I just had to be patient and wait it out.
I flipped to the dog-eared page and started reading. Even as I let my mind escape into my book, my body was aware of every single thing in the room: every person, every noise, every smell. My instincts were always on, ready to act. Nothing in here was a threat . . . not to me.
Then that all changed.
I smelled her before she entered. An assault of smoldering fire, cinnamon, and the soft scent of earth went up my nose, intoxicating my brain. It was like rich soil and olives being baked in the sun—what you’d imagine Italy or Greece to smell like. My head spun as I took another breath. It felt like a tsunami of tequila was poured into my head and chest. Tequila was known as the fight or fuck drink. I wanted to do both.
My gaze lifted, peering under my hood, seeing what Otherworld threat had just walked in.
Even if this girl wasn’t Fae she was danger from head to toe. My dick responded immediately, going rock hard. Her back was to me as she put her money into the coffee machine, her firm ass taunting me. My eyes locked onto her, running over every inch of her body. Her long black hair hung to her waist and was striped with flaming red streaks. She was tall and a little more athletic then I normally liked. But her body seemed to be demanding for me to put my hands on it and to explore every inch.
Shaking my head, I looked away trying to break the spell the girl had on me. The endorphins she was putting off struck every nerve in my body. I wanted her bad. This never happened to me before. At least not this potent. I pulled down my hoodie further, blocking the bulge that was building up in my pants.
During our time here, we had run into lots of Fae. Most were Dark Fae. We tended to leave each other alone and go our own way, but I could feel this one was different. I couldn’t get a sense of Light or Dark from her. That was not a good thing. There was only one kind of Fae that I knew who were both, and there were no more of those alive.
I edged deeper back into my hood, bringing up my book to cover my face. To outsiders my body appeared relaxed and calm. I was anything but. My muscles constricted, ready to strike.
She glanced over her shoulder towards me. Yeah, she was aware of me, too. There were not any Fae around this area we didn’t already know about. Was she just passing through?
She turned, her eyes drifting over to me. The air in my lungs halted.
Holy shit. She had two different colored eyes.
It took everything I had not to react. I clamped down tighter on my book, feeling my claws pricking at the surface. There was no way . . . no fucking way.
Was this girl a Dae? She had the traits—the two-toned hair and eyes. If so, she was both Light and Dark.
She seemed naively unaware of her surroundings. It was almost like she was clueless of the danger constantly after her kind. There was no way a Dae would just be out walking around, free or unguarded. But I could smell no protection spell on her. Did she not know what she was?
No. I had to be wrong. It was well known, even to us stuck on earth, there were no more Daes alive. All had been found and killed.
Every one.
The girl grabbed her coffee and a magazine, and then sat in a row of chairs perpendicular from me. Her gaze quickly found its way back to me. She was trying to be sly, looking like she was reading her magazine, but I could feel her eyes burning into me.
Deep-seated hate and anger burned up my esophagus like acid. The desire to leap over and rip her into shreds consumed me. The beast inside was telling me I was not wrong. This thing was a Dae. My beast part growled, licking its lips to taste her blood. What she was stood for everything I despised. Every time she looked over at me, my instinct was to attack her. The killer in me was locking on its prey.
I shifted in my seat to break the link between the beast and its target. The girl jumped up defensively, her coffee splashing over the rim of the cup onto the floor.
So the Dae wasn’t as dense as I thought. She could sense the threat. But she wasn’t that smart. If she was truly wise she would be running for her life.
She mumbled something to the onlookers and kneeled down to clean up the spill on the floor. Her skin was like ivory, and I could see the slight embarrassed blush on her cheeks. A few freckles were also sprinkled over her nose. The flash of me handcuffing her, bending her over an officer’s desk, my cock slamming deep into her, raced into my head. My dick twitched in longing. I hastily shut that fantasy down.
Fury at my own traitorous thoughts heated my body. It itched to act and to get out of this room before I possibly did two violent acts to this girl. There was only one thing I would actually let myself do.
She sat back down, readjusting herself with the magazine in one hand and what was left of her coffee in the other. It took only a few seconds before she was sneaking glances at me again.
Getting women to notice me was never my problem. If anything it sometimes became a nuisance. But I liked to fuck, and they liked to fuck me. This one watched me with the same female interest, but there was also something more in her attentive eyes.
There was a defensiveness and irritation, but what got me was the curiosity I saw. It was like she knew I was somehow different but didn’t understand why. Could she not know about Fae? Could she be that ignorant?
“Look up,” I heard her mumble to herself. No one else would have ever heard her, but I wasn’t like everyone else.
I wanted to be disgusted by her voice, by her demand. It only made me want to do what she asked.
Hell fuckin’ no. My head automatically shook slightly in response. I could feel the heat of modification flood her body, flushing her cheeks. Then it swiftly changed to anger and gradually hurt.
Her emotions were blatant and open, like a human. She could not possibly have grown up in the Fae world. Hiding what you felt was something you learned from birth. You gave nothing away. Emotions were a weakness, and we would use them against you. One thing Fae knew how to do was hide secrets and feelings.
This girl was a walking diary.
Officer Paul strode into the room and headed for me. Relief showered down on me. I needed to get away from this girl before I did anything I’d regret.
“Okay, you’re free to go, Mr. Dragen. You know the drill. Sign the forms and you can leave.” Paul unlatched the cuff around my wrist.
I saw the girl’s eyes widen as she watched me get un-cuffed. Her fear spiked, the sound of her pulse thumped in my ears. She had no idea of true terror: the fact my teeth wanted to tear into her flesh to revenge for what her kind did.
I stood, keeping my head deep underneath my hood. I was enjoying her fear and playing with her. The girl’s gaze moved up my body, and her hands balled tightly in her lap. I almost stumbled as her fear shifted into another emotion. Endorphins filled the room and pulsated with desire and need. My beast part responded, but not in the way I thought. It wanted her back. I usually didn’t care when a woman noticed my arousal. She was different. She was a Dae. She should only disgust me. I would never let this abomination know she got me so hard it hurt to walk or even breathe.
As I walked by her, I tilted my head just enough so she could see my mouth. This Dae would know fear.
I smiled.
I knew that with a certain smile, I could have a woman begging me to fuck her; with another kind of smile I could make most people back off and stay clear of me. But with this smile I could make the most hard-ass prick pee themselves in fear. Without knowing truly why, they could sense their life was about to end.
This is what I wanted this girl to know. If I ever saw her again outside of these four walls, she was dead.
By the way she froze when I walked by, my message had been conveyed.
Just the way I like it.


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By jessamarkert

In Spades by K. Pinson Cover Reveal

Coming April 2014…




In Spades (Book #1 in the Mirrored Series) *

Avalynn has been running from her past
for a couple of years now….never very far…but extremely fast.

With an
alcoholic father, a void of a mother, and a town full of gossip, she struggles
to find her place in the world.

The only thing
that saved her from her own path of self-destruction was her beautiful little
sister, her miracle, Abby.

trying to save Abby she plots to take her away, yet the plan goes dangerously
astray…leaving Avalynn beaten and broken in what once was the hallway mirror in
her childhood home.

Abby is the only
thing she cares about…until she meets him…

The man that can shatter her entire world
with one glance.

relationship is roller coaster ride from start to finish. One that Avalynn
never wants to get off of, but she may not have a choice.

Her happily ever
after is coming to a screeching halt yet again…


23 Years Young.

Manager for an assisted living program working with mentally
challenged adults.

Currently pursuing my degree in Music Therapy.

Loves Music, writing and reading.

Has a cockapoo dog named Jezebella that is closest thing I
have to a child. 
She’s a handful, but I love her.

Currently resides in Michigan, USA.

Addicted to Lip Gloss, Oreos and Sleep.


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By jessamarkert

Destiny Begins by Cheryl Davis


Buy link: Destiny Begins on Amazon

Nothing is as it seems in Cheryl Davis’ intro to her Twin Destinies Saga.

Angelica and Thomas go to the same school. But their parents are mortal enemies and would kill them if they found out that Angelica and Thomas have even looked at each other.

But when a chance brush of the arm happens, everything spirals out of control.

I loved this intro to the Saga. It was a short read, but helped set up the for the first book, Cora’s Kismet.

The next review will be for:



Buy Link: Cora’s Kismet on Amazon

The Real Thing by Cassie Mae Cover Reveal


The Real Thing
By Cassie Mae
Publication: August 19, 2014 by Random House Flirt
What it’s all about:

Eric Matua has one friend—his best friend and childhood sweetheart, who needs a place to stay for the summer. Mia Johnson has thousands of friends—who live in her computer. Along with her email chats and Facebook notifications, Mia also devours romance novels, spending countless hours with fictional characters, dreaming of her own Romeo to sweep her off her feet. When she starts receiving supersweet messages from a stranger who thinks she’s someone else, Mia begins to believe that real love is possible outside her virtual world.

When the two friends become roommates, Mia finds herself falling harder than she ever thought she could. But Eric keeps his desires locked away, unsure of himself and his ability to give his best friend what she deserves in a boyfriend. As her advances are continually spurned, Mia splits her time between Eric and her computer. But she soon realizes she’s about to lose the only real thing she’s ever had.


About the Author (Who is gorgeous ;) LOL)

Cassie Mae is a nerd to the core from Utah, who likes to write about other nerds who find love. She’s the author of the Amazon Bestsellers REASONS I FELL FOR THE FUNNY FAT FRIEND and HOW TO DATE A NERD, and is the debut author for the Random House FLIRT line with her New Adult novels FRIDAY NIGHT ALIBI and SWITCHED. She spends time with her angel children and perfect husband who fan her and feed her grapes while she clacks away on the keyboard. Then she wakes up from that dream world and manages to get a few words on the computer while the house explodes around her. When she’s not writing, she’s spending time with the youth in her community as a volleyball and basketball coach, or searching the house desperately for chocolate.

Add it to Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/20805873-the-real-thing

Pre-order it now: http://www.amazon.com/Real-Thing-Flirt-Adult-Romance-ebook/dp/B00ILWZAV8/

Rock It Blog Tour


For gals who love bad boys and musicians, Jennifer Chance brings ROCK IT,
the first novel in Rule Breakers, a sizzling New Adult series published by Random House’s LoveSwept imprint.

Want to learn more about ROCK IT? Be sure to check out this exclusive interview with Jennifer Chance!

Follow the tour and win some awesome prizes!

An iPod Shuffle (open to US entrants only, if international entrant is chosen they’ll receive a $50 gift card to the eTailer of their choice). Additionally, Random House is sponsoring the tour with a $50 e-giftcard, and swag including a Loveswept mug and tote (open to US entrants only).
Here is the embed code for the Rafflecopter:

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Jennifer Chance unleashes her hot new series with the tale of a smoldering rock star and the fangirl who catches his eye—and finds herself living out her wildest dreams.

Lacey Dawes is a total pro at the talent agency where she works, and it doesn’t hurt that IMO Worldwide Media represents Dante Falcone. The rock god has starred in her fantasies since she was sixteen—and remains her secret crush to this day. So when Dante picks her to be the interim manager on his Dream It tour, Lacey can’t believe her luck. Handling Dante is sure to be the most exquisite, spine-tingling, nerve-wracking mix of business and pleasure ever.

Although Dante is grateful for the adoring fans who scream for one more of his full-throttle, soul-searing songs, being surrounded by a cadre of corporate types backstage is wearing thin. Then Lacey shows up. Yeah, she’s organized, smart, quick to get him what he wants before he knows he wants it—but Dante senses there’s something else going on with sweet, sexy Lacey. One kiss tells him what that “something” might be . . . and makes him hungry for more.

On Sale: March 04, 2014

Available for pre-order at: Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Books-A-Million |BooksOnBoard |eBooks.com |Google Play |Diesel eBook Store |iBooks |Kobo |Powells |Sony


About Jennifer Chance
I come by romance honestly, having spent several years writing adult romance and entering romance contests through Romance Writers of America–including finaling twice in the prestigious Golden Heart contest and winning once. But despite these and other contest wins, my first published novel came not in adult romance, but as a writer of YA historical fiction (you can read all about my Elizabethan spy girls stories, the Maids of Honor, here.)
Still, despite my love of Elizabethan spies, I could never quite give up those super Alpha contemporary romance heroes. So, in the summer of 2013, I decided to see if perhaps I might still have a romance or two up my sleeve.
I wrote a tale about a girl whose biggest high-school and college crush–a rock star–suddenly becomes her biggest client, only now she has to be professional and not betray the fact that she’s completely in love with the guy. It was a fun, sexy, romantic fantasy, and I suggested the idea to my agent… who asked what other ideas I had in addition to this story. Shortly after, the Rule Breakers series was born.
To separate these books from my historical work, I adopted the name Jennifer Chance. I am now pursuing my dreams (pretty much round the clock as it turns out) and am THRILLED to be able to have four e-books coming out in 2014 and early 2015, all with Random House LoveSwept’s New Adult romance line.
As to what will happen from here, who knows? But as long as there is a story to be written and an HEA to be had, I’ll be the one over in the corner, tapping away on my keyboard.
Connect with Jennifer at her Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads


Here’s an awesome excerpt:

Jennifer Chance, ROCK IT
Steve Gwynn, Wingman

“You look pretty grim.” A laughing, wry voice floated over her left shoulder. “Don’t worry about Harry. He gets better.”
Lacey blinked up to take in a tall, rangy guy with a wide smile and insanely curly long hair. Steve Gwynn, lead guitarist. “Thanks,” she said. “I know it’ll take a while for me to make any friends here. Probably right around the time we start to gel, the tour will be over.”
“I wouldn’t be so sure,” Steve said. “Living on the road, even if we’re not always on the bus—you’re going to spend a lot of intense time with these people. It sort of jacks up the ‘getting to know you’ process.”
“You’ve been with the band for a while?” she asked. She already knew the answer, but Steve wouldn’t realize that, and getting to know the closest guy that Dante had to a friend seemed like the smart thing to do.
“My whole life, it seems like sometimes. Not in a bad way,” he said hastily, waving off Lacey’s concerned look with a laugh. “Just—sometimes you just fit into a place, and you realize it’s where you need to be. And I do. I fit here.”
“Yeah,” Lacey said. She thought about the girls in the brownstone—she and Anna Richardson had been close enough friends in college, but it wasn’t until they’d both found themselves in Boston last summer that things had really clicked for them. A chance encounter with artist-on-the-rise Erin Connelly had led to a roof over their heads, which was where they’d met the fast-talking Dani Michaels. Within just a few weeks, the four of them had formed a pretty tight bond. Even Dani, who didn’t seem to connect easily, was now hanging around the brownstone more often whenever she wasn’t working as a bartender, pool hustler, or God only knew what else. “Hopefully things won’t get too crazy on this tour.”